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Product: Audio CD
Title: Kind of Blue
Label: Sony
Artist: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Bill Evans
Rating: 1/5
Customer rating - 1 out of 5
Not very good

This is my first Jazz CD (I bought it and a Louis Armstrong CD a few weeks ago)but I listened to this one in the car before I got home. It's a wonderful disc and I will probably be buying more of Miles' work (and other Jazz artists too). I am only 16 and I was listening to jazzy style Hip Hop but when I saw this album in Best Buy I decided to invest my 10 dollars in it.
My favorite selection is "Flamenco Sketches" (the original one.. track 5). It's the best selection on the album (In my humble opinion). This is positive music from the one of the best jazz musicians of all time (Miles Davis). I listen to it nearly everyday now.
I hope to have a collection of more of his work, as well as Louie Armstrong, Ella Fitz, and Nina Simone in the near future.

Product: Audio CD
Title: The End of the Affair: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1999 Film)
Label: Sony
Artist: Michael Nyman, Michael Nyman
Rating: 4/5
Customer rating - 4 out of 5
Not top-quality Nyman, maybe, but still a class act

This score is an example of the warmer, more extrovert style the Nyman began to adopt in the past few years, against his "trademark" style (chugging rythms, saturated strings etc.), now used principally in concert works. "The end of the affair" reminded me of the wonderful "Gattaca", but on a lesser level: the orchestral palette is less varied and the inspiration level is not so exceptionally high. So, while this music works wonderfully with the (very good) movie, it's less
successful as a piece of music in itself. Still,it's music-making of a pretty high order, which effectively evokes the feelings of an ill-fated love story ,and Nyman fans should not hesitate. Also, given that nowadays the average level of soundtracks is usually miserable (you know, 10 min. of music and the rest is a bunch of second-hand pop-rap songs not even heard in the movie!) this is a release to enjoy for everybody.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Greatest Hits: My Prerogative (Limited Edition with Bonus CD)
Label: Jive
Artist: Britney Spears
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
Britney's Greatest Hits -- Ohhh yeah

I know that a lot of people are posting reviews because they don't like Britney and her actions. Actions aside, she makes some of the catchiest pop music for pop music fans like myself. If you aren't a pop fan, I wouldn't suggest buying this, plain and simple. If you are a fan of pop music, then you should own this since Britney has practically defined our new era of pop music.

That being said, Britney has always been one of my favorite artists, and although I have a bias towards her, I think that this cd is great. The only issue I have with it is its lack of chronology, which would have made the listen a bit easier and more enjoyable, listening to Britney evolve as an artist. Since I am a fan, however, and own all of her cds, this isn't a tremendous issue, for I still love all of her songs and think that regardless of order they can still be enjoyed. Although I'm not sure if they randomly selected the song order or not. So here's my track by track review:

1. My Prerogative (7/10) - By far not my favorite Britney song. It's one of those songs that's great when I'm in the mood for it, but other than that I usually will pass on it.

2. Toxic (9/10) - At first I liked this song, but never thought anything amazing about it. But then it was played everywhere and it really grew on me. Also one of her best videos.

3. I'm A Slave 4 U (10/10) - I loved this song the second I heard it. Stylistically it was a dramatic change for Britney, as she really created one of the most sexually entrancing songs ever. The irresistibly belly-dancing beat and the panting of her voice makes this song impossible to dislike. Absolutely love it.

4. Oops! I Did It Again (10/10) - Another song I yearned to hear when it first came out. I would sit in school singing the tune in my head, waiting to go home so I could listen to it; it's just so damn catchy! Really where Britney began her sexier era, yet in her still innocent way (no pun intended). One of the best pop songs ever written.

5. Me Against The Music (8/10) - One of the things I don't get about the In The Zone album is this song. The album is terrific, but this song never really seemed on par with the others from that album. I think the only reason it was released as the first single was because Madonna was on it. When you're in the mood to dance, it's a great song, yet I feel it almost takes too long to pick up and to get into it. The song never really hooks you in and traps you there like many other of Britney's songs.

6. Stronger (10/10) - A great song from a great album. So catchy and poppy; uplifting. A great song to listen to when you're down, and also a great song to dance to.

7. Everytime (10/10) - This song took a little while to grow on me, but it really has now. I find myself singing it for no reason in random places. The soft, playful background music really compliments Britney's high singing and gives the song a childish feel that we haven't really ever heard from Britney before. Sad song, but good nonetheless.

8. ...Baby One More Time (10/10) - This kinda ticked me off that they didn't put this song first; they could have really started the album out with a bang. Either way, this song is still amazing; one that I'm sure everyone knows. Has the catchiest chorus of any song I've ever heard. Honestly, it's no wonder America fell in love with this song from the start. This really is the perfect song for Britney and years later it's still just as fun and just as catchy.

9. (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!) (10/10) - My favorite Britney song and video ever! I can't even tell you how stupendous this song is! She sounds so edgy in the beginning and the song just takes off from there; creating one of the best songs. Buy the greatest hits for this! (Among others)

10. Boys (Co-ed Remix) (9/10) - I don't know why but Boys really is a great song. Yet there's nothing that should be great about it. The original had a dark vibe to it, which carries through a little bit on the remix. Overall it has a great club feel and it's a great dance song.

11. Sometimes (10/10) - Another one of my favorite Britney songs. It has such a summer vibe and you can really hear Britney's singing prominently over the backup singers. A really cool, laid back, ride-along-to-in-your-car song.

12. Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) (8.5/10) - I couldn't decide between an 8 or a 9 so I gave it an 8.5. The original was a flawless pop song, but this remix is kind of boring. The beat repeats a lot and it doesn't really go with the vocals that well. They really should have gone with the original. If you can look past that, however, the song is still pretty good to dance to.

13. Lucky (9/10) - Really catchy and really good. Sounds similar to Oops and Stronger, but still a great pop song.

14. Outrageous (10/10) - This is where chronology is an issue. It sounds so weird to have Outrageous after Lucky, but once you get into the next song you get over it. The Arabian beat and sexy undertone give this song an interesting vibe, with some pretty bizarre lyrics that make the song really fun in a weird way. Playful and sexy.

15. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman (10/10) - Probably my favorite Britney ballad. I wish she sang more songs like this because it really showcases some of her vocals and part of her range never really exposed in other songs. A really pretty sounding ballad also with a really pretty video, although I never would have went up on those cliffs like she did!

16. I've Just Begun (Having My Fun) (8/10) - The only reason it got an 8 was because I think the verses are kind of boring, but the chorus is great and extremely catchy. Not one of Britney's best, but still a welcome addition to this collection.

17. Do Somethin (10/10) - Wow. Just wow. This song is something else. Stylistically so different, yet it works so well for Britney. The beat drives and the lyrics just make you wanna get up and dance. Kinda techo-poppy. If you're a Britney fan then you're gonna like this song. Such a great song!

So overall there are a few missteps, but with every collection you will get songs that are and aren't your favorites. Unlike some greates hits, this collection has a greater number of songs that I can listen to over and over again. It's too bad that they left off Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know and From the Bottom of My Broken Heart, but perhaps they would have slowed down the collection, since Britney isn't really known for her ballads compared to her throbbing up-tempos.

So, if you like pop music or are a Britney fan, get this cd, otherwise don't.

Product: Audio CD
Title: Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player
Label: Island
Artist: Elton John
Rating: 5/5
Customer rating - 5 out of 5
I Wore Out My Original LP!

Man! In High School we were jammin' to the EJ tunes! "Daniel"wasjust the warm up! "Teacher"rocks!"Elderberry Wine"kicks butt!"Blues" lets the senses regroup till "Midnight Creeper"boogies!Catchin' our breath for a spell with "Criminal" THEN! 1 of my ALLtime fave EJ songs (another anthem)"Teenage Idol" WHOE!!!"Texan Love Song"cracked everyone up ('cept my Dad-"What did he say?")Of corse "Croc"rocked (I remember when our PE class was inswimming & this tape was played-god! I AM old) &,in conclusion:the beautiful "High Flying Bird" Elton IS "The One!"